Jay Needlez | Owner/Tattoo Artist

I was raised in Mexico as a sheep herder till I came to America through an underground tunnel that popped up in Charlie sheen’s back yard, where he taught me the ways of the world and made me watch re-runs of “Two and a Half Men”. One day, he had a huge party at his house, where multiple tattooed woman showed up! This was the beginning of a dream for me… to learn the skills to produce this fine art. He paid these women often to come back to his home and every time I would study their art. Sometimes, I would even get a dance while I studied… but that’s neither here nor there. It wasn’t until one day me and Charlie or (Carlos) where driving through Baltimore where we got into a heated argument about him being a tiger or some crazy shit. He kicked me out of his car right in front of American Tattoo, where my dream began !!!